Welcome to the Santosh Autism Centre
Santosh means contentment. We are a bunch of dedicated and inspiring ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in the life of God's gifted children and their parents. If you wish to know more about us and our work, please browse through our website to get connected to us.

We strive for inclusion by celebrating all the festivals with our kids and organize various events for them to feel like a star. This will boost their self esteem and they will be more flexible in life.

Each kid is important for us at Santosh. We strive for the child to get the maximum exposure during the school hours or the time that is spent at Santosh.

Approachability is the key factor for all the parents of special needs kids and we understand that at Santosh and try to accommodate each and every child as per their needs. We have a strong support system for the families of special needs during the times of emergency.

 Upcomming 9th Annual Function as on 26th February 2017@ Dombivali


For  Admission Please contact us on 8422906604 / 022-26517600

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